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Areas of Intervention

If you have read through the information on volunteering and think you might be interested in a position at UAC, then we welcome your interest. If you haven’t done so yet, please browse through the “Programs” section to explore UAC’s current activities. After reading over our programmes, take a moment to think about the areas where you would like to work, as well as any additional skills you possess that might be helpful within UAC generally (for example, bookkeeping, fundraising, first aid, teaching, language and writing abilities, and organizational skills) and then contact us. Volunteers are always needed in following areas:

  • Teaching Aids Room working with small groups of children in the Teaching Aids room, playing with educational toys, supervising art projects, and reading stories;
  • Computer room and Cyber Space assisting with computer classes, fixing computers, and teaching local staff new programmes and skills;
  • Fundraising for grants and other funding sources to support UAC’s many activities and finding donors for the sponsorship programme;
  • Education helping teachers through workshops and constructive evaluation to ensure that Jamadianle is a nationwide leader in child-centred education, assisting with the remedial reading and classroom reading programmes, organizing special days (sports, art and music), and helping coordinate the sponsorship programme;
  • Peer Education setting up and running peer education workshops with young people around Buea and conducting follow-up to make sure that the participants are passing on their newly-acquired information;
  • Community sports for development conveying the message of HIV/AIDS and addressing other important social issues through sports;
  • Functional Education Programme: Assist in equipping children with skills in computer, craft, arts, horticulture, agriculture, sewing
  • Volunteer Coordination serving as a facilitator in a 6-month + position for other volunteers and helping to ensure the sustainability of programmes;

In practice, volunteers usually choose to divide their time between a number of different projects depending on their interests, abilities, and project needs. Even if you don’t fit into one of the above categories, don’t be discouraged! There might still be a place for you at UAC. If you fall into this category, your best option is to e-mail the Project Coordinator at unitedactionforc@yahoo.com unitedactionforc@hotmail.com to ask if there might be a way you can help.