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In Cameroon, computer literacy is still an unaffordable luxury for most people. This is because computers are extremely expensive, relative to the average income, not to mention training is costly and hard to come-by, especially in smaller towns and villages. As UAC grew into a more integral part of the community, the desire to help respond to the computer problem increased. Consistent with the organization’s focus on a stable and secure learning environment, UAC instituted a highly successful computer-training centre known as Buea Centre for Professional Studies (BUCEPS) especially for young people leaving secondary education and graduates from the universities.

Currently, UAC’s dedicated staff run two types of courses: software and hardware. In the month-long software course, the staff members teach interested students basic computer skills such as typing, and Internet use. More advanced techniques for individual programmes such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point are also included in the software course. The hardware course is run on a flexible schedule lasting from six months to one year. In this course trainees learn about installation and configuration of Microsoft operating systems, networking basics, troubleshooting, and repairs.

UAC makes use of the computer resources which have been generously donated by Crossroads Organization of Hong Kong, Christian African Relief Trust of England and various volunteers, to provide UAC teachers basic computer skills. With the complete construction of the new school, UAC now looking for donors who can help sponsor its One-Classroom-One-Computer project. This will enable teachers, trained in computer basics, to teach students computer skills as a part of their basic education.